Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Injuries and New Year Goals...

Hi everyone!

Well I’ve managed to do a tendon!

I’ve had a pain in my wrist for a while (it was a niggling pain, for about a second after I’d pulled on any hold), but it stopped after Christmas after a bit of rest, but it came back recently. I saw the physio and it turns out I’ve managed to tweak a tendon slightly in my wrist. Two weeks rest it is!!

Turns out I actually do very little else other than climbing, so for the last 12 days 9hours (yes I am counting…) I’ve really been doing very little. I’ve been doing a lot of core and still been turning up to squad, but it’s quite dull really…

I haven’t posted any goals so far this year, so here goes:

-Climb 8a outdoors before April (Raindogs or Cider Soak hopefully)
-Onsight 8a indoors
-Make the semis at Edinburg EYC  sort of... not semis but 11th would have been...
-Go to the Worlds in Singapore Nope!
-Don’t get injured (again… ;))

To be honest I feel most of these may not happen but I really am trying my best!!

Happy Climbing!
p.s. sorry for the short post, it's late!!

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